The course aims to enable them to students:

• understand the importance and complexity of quality management and especially the total quality

• familiarize themselves with the quality standards EN ISO Road Safety 9001 EN ISO 39001, EN ISO 14001 environmental energy EN ISO 50001 certification process quality assurance systems.

• understand the concept of quality in contractual services

• enrich their learning experience with quality characteristics

• resolve quality control exercises with the help of mathematical or statistical models

• solve quality problems with qualitative analysis exercises

• gain experience in understanding quality systems //p                         Definitions of quality. Quality control and quality management. The meaning and the importance of quality management. Dimensions of quality. quality programming. Product design and quality. Quality management and production planning Quality and productivity. Management quality and supplies. Cost of quality. Quality Circles. Technical quality improvement.//p

Theoretical quality management approaches. The European model of Total Quality Management. American Quality Award Malcom Baldrige. Quality Management approach of Deming. The cycle of Deming (Act-Plan-Do-Check).//p

Basic concepts of statistics. Statistical Quality Control. Statistical control processes. acceptance sampling. QC Frequency Identification Statistical quality control methods.//p

Quality of contractual services. Model perceived service quality. Model SERVQUAL. Method of critical incidents. Dynamic models perceived service quality. gaps analysis model. Acceptable customer expectations zone. Quality of electronic services. Application of SERVQUAL model to electronic services. content evaluation method and web structure. Measuring web effectiveness.//p

Quality management systems. quality assurance standards. ISO 9001: 1994 9001: 2000 9001: 2008. Road safety standard ISO 39001: 2012. ISO EMS 14001Q2004. Benefits of the quality management system. Certification and accreditation. International and European quality organizations. the ISO certification processes. Risk Management - Risk Management (ISO 31010). The quality manual .. Management of total quality. Design and preparation of quality manuals.//p

Transportation Law. Insurance laws. Insurance coverage. compensation process.  Vehicle Inspection Centres Legislation . Road transport legislation of dangerous products (ADR-RID). Legislation HGV drivers. vehicle legislation. vehicle approvals. Legislation Health and safety at work. The institution of technical safety and occupational physician. Safe goods transport consultant. (S.A.M.E.). insurance legislation loading, load distribution, lashing. fastening methods, security, load distribution. Transportation Plan EN 12195.